As an in-house editor at an educational publishing company I edited chapter books, picture books, and counseling resources about issues that affect children and teens: ADHD, anger, autism, bullying, divorce, eating disorders, grief, social skills, and substance abuse, among others.

Following a relocation in 2004, I decided to freelance and have since worked for trade publishers, educational publishers, not-for-profits, and individual authors, branching out into new areas that range from consumer-oriented content, web articles, and resources for military families to adventure and fantasy.

With an academic background in child development and direct experience with kids as a mentor, youth group leader, and parent, I bring an understanding of children to my editing. Whether the goal is to help kids cope, to broaden their knowledge, or simply to delight them, working with words to achieve that goal is a joy for me. On some projects, I view my job as akin to that of a sculptor: removing extra material to uncover the beauty that lies within. Other projects are more like puzzles: I move words around until they click into place just so. Yet others call for persistence and a sharp eye to search out misplaced punctuation and technical problems. And, of course, many jobs require all three. Whatever your project calls for, I can deliver it.